Website Registration
Website Registration Instructions
For Members who have:
   1. Paid their dues
   2. Received the Registration code
Registration is easy but it’s important to follow the steps outlined here.
1. Select ONE adult family member to register. A spouse or other adult family member is added later (see step 5)
2. Click on the word “register” in upper right corner of this web page.
     -Select the appropriate Member Type.
     -Enter the Registration Code.
     -Complete the registration form and press “continue”.
3. This adult family member will receive a confirmation email, which could take up to 2 days.
4. Once the confirmation email has been received, the registered member should “reset” their password by clicking on the link in the confirmation email. 
   - After completing this step, the registered member has a Username (their email address) and a Password (just set) and may “login” to the website.
5. To add other family members, “login” and click on “your profile” in the upper left corner. The registrant may now enter their spouse (level 2 member) and children (level 3 members). This will register the entire family.