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Snack Bar Specials
Good Evening Noroton Bay!
It's happening! Winter is done, Spring is here, Summer will be arriving and I'll be opening up :).
I'll be open beginning Saturday May 25th 10-6. I'll have standard stuff until school gets out when specials will start.
I've also been mulling around the idea of opening Thursday evenings (someone very dear to me said by Thursday she's tired of coming up with dinner ideas)but doing something different by offering dinner options, things like Quiche, Lasagna, Meatloaf, things that would be a complete meal. You'd have to sign up ahead so I'd know how much to prepare but thought it could be a new service some would be interested in taking advantage of.
Let me know your thoughts, you can email me at donnapowell22@gmail or text 203-515-2912.
I'll try to get more gluten free and vegetarian options in, right now I'll always have chicken tenders, veggie burgers and a small variety of breads but if there are other dietary needs I should be aware of please let me know, I'll do what i can to accommodate them.
Thank you as always for your continued support in my efforts to provide the best summer snack bar experience for Noroton Bay Families!
updated 5/15